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Only for registered intermediaries

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Steps to getting a mortgage

7 steps to getting an offer from us

Here are the steps you need to take to process a mortgage for your customer.
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1. Register

First thing’s first, you’ll need to be registered.

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2. Research

Use your mortgage product sourcing system to find our best rates and product options for your customer.

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3. Portal

Head to our online portal to complete a DIP and assuming your customer passes the required checks, move onto the next step and select the product.

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4. App

All applicants will need download the Atom Bank App (if they don’t have it already). They’ll need to have the app to be a mortgage customer. Once the DIP has been approved, the customer will receive an email and an SMS with an activation code that they’ll need to use to access the App and view their mortgage.

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5. Application

Scan and attach the required documents we need for each case and submit the full mortgage application online. Simple.

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6. Process

Our mortgage team in Durham will process the application and send updates to your case tracking and to the customer’s app. We’ll instruct the valuer and conveyancer as soon as we receive the application.

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7. Offer

Once everything’s processed and confirmed, the mortgage offer will be issued. As mentioned, before we can get ready to release funds, all applicants will need to download our App to view their mortgage offer and accept our T&Cs.

8 steps to securing your mortgage

We offer residential mortgages to a wide range of customers. If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet, can download our app and provide an email address and mobile phone number, then this could be the start of a fuss free mortgage journey with us.

Your broker will be able to tell you if we could be the right lender for you, and if you’re right for us. If everything stacks up, then these are the steps you’ll go through with us to secure your property.

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1. All about the app

While we work on your mortgage application with your broker, you'll need to download our Atom bank app to get all your updates. Search for 'Atom bank' in the Apple App Store© or Google Play© Store. 

Each applicant will need to: 
      - Provide the broker with a personal email address
      - Provide the broker with a personal mobile number
      - Download their own app
      - Have their own device

Want a reminder about how to use the app? Download our guided walkthrough

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2. Decision in Principle (DIP)

Once your broker has taken your details and we've successfully run our standard checks, we'll issue a DIP certificate to you and your broker. We'll also put a copy of this into the Vault section in your app. This lets you know how much we may be willing to lend you. It's important to remember that the DIP isn't an offer of a mortgage; it's subject to the suitability of the property, its valuation, and your eligibility in line with our lending criteria. It doesn't reserve a product or rate for you, and it's based on the information you've provided at the time so may change if there are any errors or omissions. As we only do a soft credit check at DIP stage, if anything new is disclosed on the full credit check then we may not be able to proceed to offer. 

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3. Your mortgage activation code

Once you receive a successful DIP decision from us, we will send you an email or SMS with a unique mortgage activation code to the email address or mobile number entered by your broker.  In order to progress the mortgage application you’ll need to enter this code into your app. If there’s more than one person named on the mortgage, they’ll also need to download our app to their device, and enter their own unique code that we’ve sent them.  

If you already have an account with us, all you need to do is access the mortgage area of your app and enter your code as directed.

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4. The full mortgage application

Once you have your DIP, you can move straight onto completing the full mortgage application with your broker. It’s at this point that they’ll take the rest of the information we need, choose your mortgage product and collect any fees. As soon as we receive all the information required for your full application we’ll let you know via your app.

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5. Now for the processing bit

We’ll assess all the information and documents that your broker has sent us as part of the full application. There’s always a chance that we might need your broker to provide us with some more information; if that’s the case we’ll inform your broker and they’ll send this to us on your behalf.

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6. Valuation and conveyancing

During your application we’ll check what type of valuation is needed, and if there’s more than one option, you can choose the level of valuation that’s best for you. We’ll then arrange the valuation for you using our panel of valuers. The valuer works on behalf of us, the lender, but you can arrange to have a more detailed survey by contacting the valuer directly.

We'll also select a solicitor from our conveyancing panel to look after the legal side of your mortgage contract. The solicitors we work with have been handpicked to offer the very best service to our customers. 

We'll keep you updated about your valuation and conveyancing every step of the way via the app.

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7. Your offer

Here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for, your mortgage offer.  All applicants will need to accept the offer and mortgage terms & conditions via their app. Your solicitor will take you through the rest of the documentation and we’ll also put your mortgage offer and product terms and conditions into the Vault section of your app.

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8. Congratulations - it's completion time!

We'll send your mortgage funds to the conveyancer ready for the day you complete, then it's time to pop the bubbly. Whether you're getting the keys to a new home or remortgaging, there's something special about completion day.

Need a reminder about how to use the app? Download our guided walkthrough